Han Gravendeel

After completion of the Nautical College of Terschelling, Han Gravendeel started sailing as Maritime Officer  in 1989. He sailed on various types of ocean-going ships, such as chemical tankers, multi-purpose ships, ro-ro ships and modern container ships. During this period he obtained a wide experience in a many aspects of shipping and engineering. In 1996 he changed-over to a shore-based job and gained wide experience as maritime and technical surveyor.


Specialities Han

  • Hull and machinery surveys in the broadest sense.
  • Technical surveys upon land based equipment, like agriculture equipment, earthmovers, excavators, wheel loaders, etc.
  • Valuations / appraisals of all ship types, engines and land based equipment.
  • Fleet valuations and valuations of special ships and objects.
  • Nautical investigations regarding collisions and other incidents in inland shipping and seagoing shipping.
  • Pre- entry survey’s hull and machinery as well as P&I.
  • Stability matters with regard to inland shipping and seagoing shipping.
  • General investigations into damage causes in the field of shipping and land based equipment.
  • On- and off-hire inspections of hull and machinery.


More qualifications


  • Maritime Officer ocean-going vessels
  • Registered surveyor, with NIVRE.
  • Registered appraiser/valuer at Dutch Registry of Appraisers (Verenigd Register van Taxateurs /VRT).




  • Royal Netherlands Association of Technicians in Shipping (KNVTS)

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