We offer the following inspections:

Hull- and safety inspections of inland vessels and yachts according the rules and regulations of The Netherlands Shipping Inspectorate (Inspectie Leefomgeving en Transport / ILT) with regard to Certificates of Examination, Certificates for River navigation and Certificates of Fitness. In relation to these inspections we also perform US hull thickness measurements. Two of our surveyors are authorised to perform these inspections through the NBKB (Nederlands Bureau Keuringen Binnenvaart).

Inspections/examinations concerning “Dutch Havenbeheersverordening Rotterdam 2010”, according to the rules and regulations of the safety requirements for boatmen and passenger transport.

Damage Prevention Inspections (Schade Preventie Onderzoek /SPO) of inland vessels on instruction of underwriters. These inspections are intended to manage and mitigate risks and are developed by the International Association and Register for mutual interest of inland shipping (Internationale Vereniging het Rijnschepenregister /IVR) in cooperation with Dutch H&M underwriters. Two of our surveyors are authorised to perform these inspections.

On and off-hire surveys, whereby the condition of a maritime or technical object is assessed and recorded before and after a hire or charter period.

Condition surveys. These surveys are carried out on board seagoing and inland vessels and are intended to give a potential charterer or buyer an impression of the vessel. Our reports are clear, comprehensive and well structured, giving a detailed and good impression of the object.






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