Damage surveys

In case of damage, Doldrums is mainly instructed by underwriters, usually through insurance brokers, but in certain cases also by loss adjusters, shipyards, building contractors, ship owners and ship managers, to ascertain the nature of the damage, to assess the damage related costs and repair time, to investigate the cause of the damage and to report the findings.
Our comprehensive and clear reports are used by the principals to (financially) settle the damage with the parties involved.
Not one damage is the same. Our surveyors are confronted with a variety of damages, from small hull damage to complicated engine damage, collision, fire & explosion, salvage & wreck removal, oil spills/pollution, damage to locks, bridges & jetties, a fallen shore crane, etc.

Within this variety of damages, our surveyors are, amongst other facets, dealing with:

  • Investigation into the circumstances and cause
  • Nautical and technical investigation with respect to collision, cargo damage, etc.
  • Liability, Protection and Indemnification (P&I)
  • Writing of repair specifications for tender purposes in case of extensive damages
  • Metallurgic examination
  • Coordination of emergency response, assistance, salvage operation and wreck removal
  • Environmental issues
  • Loss of Hire and Loss of income

Due to years of experience, as well as broad and specialist knowledge, our surveyors are able to
deal with all facets of damage surveys, the technical/maritime side as well as the insurance side.

Because of our clear reports, short communication lines and pragmatic approach, also
complicated damages will be fast and professionally dealt with.






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